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Viborg Metal Festival

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Musikforening OLM Viborg, Paletten, and Tinghallen proudly present the 9th Annual Viborg Metal Festival in its stunning location at Paletten. This year's lineup features internationally renowned names, premier Danish metal artists, and fresh new faces to make 2022 another unforgettable experience!

In 2014, a passionate group of Viborg locals sparked the emergence of the renowned Viborg Metal Festival (VMF) and initiated an entirely different cultural experience for their city. Through VMF, they shared that there is so much more to discover in Viborg than previously imagined.

VMF, operated by Musikforening Olm Viborg, is currently one of the most renowned two-day metal festivals in Central and Western Jutland. With a history of welcoming bands such as Dawn of Demise (DK), Vader (PL), Infernal War (PL), and even Unearth (US), VMF has been honored to be graced with the presence of some spectacular talent over the years including Morgoth(DE)," King Of Asgard"(SE)," Dew-Scented" (DE), Bersærk(DK), Prevail(DK) and many more!

Since its launch in 2014, VMF has seen steady growth from a one-day metal festival to the two-day event it is today, with dedicated fans attending each year. The festival provides the guests with an extensive selection of incredible acts ranging from up-and-coming musicians to well-established bands that they may not have had the opportunity to see before. Additionally, the festival ensures there are always new performers gracing the stage with their presence that hasn't played at any other Danish metal festivals – now that's tradition! Every edition of Voivod Metal Festival features an array of fresh talent alongside some more familiar names - so come along and experience something unique!

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